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Billia Store Domain Search

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The Billia Store1 and the Billia Management Panel are interconnected where some settings done in the Management Panel will set the configuration for the Billia Store Domain search.


The Filter section provides extensions on the TLD filter search.

billia store filters

  1. A checkbox field provides the option to manually choose specific or all supported TLDs to search for.


  2. The drop-down can specify the type of domain suggestions to search for - “only recommendations”, “only TLD”, or “full suggestion (SLD & TLD)”. The default option set here depends on a setting in the Branding section of the Billia Management Panel.


    2.1. Navigate to the Billia Management Panel > Management > Branding 2.2. Locate a component titled “domainSearchAlgorithm” for OrderFlow (indicates component for Billia Store).


    2.3. This component dictates which selection will be by default displayed in the drop-down domain suggestions. You would have to edit it and replace the value in it. The values to set are - “full”, “onlytld” and “onlysld”, as preset in the system. You can set only one value to be displayed by default. The options in the drop-down always remain three.


    2.4. Save all changes.

  3. If checked, the “Show unavailable” setting will display in the domain search results also domains, which are already purchased and unavailable. If checked, the “Internationalized domains (IDN)” setting will allow the search and display of domain names on other languages, e.g. cyrillic.

    main checkboxes


Domain products are now displayed with various labels, most of which are pre-set for the specific domain product (the TLD) in the Billia Management Panel.


Product tag

The Product tag label is set up as a custom label. Its value can be set to display "Limited time", "Best Market price", or "Promo".

custom product label

Discount label

The Discount label is a label that is automatically configured by the system whenever a specific Catalog Product has a discount attached to it. There is no manual setup for the label to appear.

discount label

Special label

The Special label is automatically attached to a domain type (TLD) of a Catalog Product depending on its sorting. In the Products' list in the Billia Management Panel each product has a "sorting number" which dictates how high or low in the list this domain TLD will be sorted. Top 10 domain TLDs will automatically receive the label "Special" in the Billia Store.

special label

Labels’ hierarchy

There is a specific sorting system between the Catalog Product labels themselves, as displayed in the Billia Store. Shorty put - Custom Label > Discount label > Special label. This means that if a specific Catalog Product qualifies for more than one label for the Billia Store, only the one with the higher sorting will be displayed.


If a domain product with the TLD .net is in top 10 Catalog Product sorting in the Billia Management Panel and has also an included discount, only the label with the discount will be displayed in the Billia Store.

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