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The Customers section is the second one on the Billia Management Panel. It lists all the existing users - people who have created User panels on the system/business or such that the Admin has created for them. The users can be sorted out in various ways.

By default, the list displays the ID, username, name/company, products count, Reseller, and the status of the user. The Reseller column defines Additional controllers enable the Admin to activate or deactivate the user, view their details and delete them. Also, clicking on the username will open the user’s account details.

preview users

Control buttons

Below is a list of the control buttons present on the initial Customers’ section in the Management Panel.

Control buttonDefinitionDetail
-filterFilter table- Filter the users list by selecting what types of users to view. They are sorted out by their user status.
add newAdd new- Create a new user, by completing all the fields in this option, e.g. name, email address etc.
activate-userActivate- Activate a non-active user; will change its status to active.
-deactivateDeactivate- Deactivate an active user; will change its status to inactive.
send activation emailSend activation email- Send activation email to a non-active user.
view-details1View details- View user details, transfers to the user account details page in Management Panel.
-deleteDelete- Delete a user.
-searchSearch- Search among/for users. By default the list appears with enabled Search options. Clicking on Clear Search will hide them behind this icon.

User statuses

Users can be sorted out in two types of statuses.

User statusDefinition
active-user- The user is completely active and can perform all user-related actions. Displayed in green color.
inactive-user- The user is not yet activated, but is created and can log in. The user needs to activate his account from the automatic email they'd receive, or an Admin can activate them manually. Displayed in red color.

Note: Every user when first created is inactive. They can either activate their accounts through an automatically received email, or an Admin can do it for them. Inactive users can place orders and pay for them but those will remain in Pending state, until that user profile is activated.

Search Option

Sometimes the Search option is a single field to type in a key word and search the specific section for it. In most cases, the Search option has advanced search fields. In the Users section these are: User ID, Username/Email, Product option, Name/Phone, Document, and Label key/Label value.

search fields

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