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Customers - User account Details

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Accessing the details for a user happens easily by either clicking on the eye icon or the user’s username in the list within Customers category. The page after that displays the first section - Details, for the user in question and gives the Admin control to perform various actions.

main categories


The Details section includes an overview of the user, wallet balance, credit limit, and a brief summary of orders, services, and domains. Passwords are hidden for security reasons and are not visible even to the Admin. The entire page is divided in seven logical subsections.

user preview

I. Main ribbon

The top part of the Customers Details page includes the avatar for the user and some payment options.

main ribbon

Main features

The two main features of this subsection are:

username- Displays the username of the user and the type of the main profile. If a Company is registered, the type is Company.
reseller default- Displays the owner of the products/services. "Default" means the business using Billia.
wallet- Displays the Wallet balance; this is the amount of virtual money the user possesses. By using the plus icon one can add more funds to the Wallet.
credit- Displays the Credit limit balance; this is a virtual amount assured by the Administrator. By using the pen icon one can modify the Credit.
labels- Displays the space where labels can be attached to a customer's profile. To see more information on labels, please click here.
impersonate- Allows the Admin to log into the Customer Panel of the user with all user rights. That way the Admin will be able to perform all user actions. When a user becomes "impersonated" like this, they have no notification of it.
Bell Notifications- Will display notifications relative to that user.
add label to users- From here a new label can be added to the user. Will have to choose from preset key-value data. More information on labels please see here.

II. Information

This subsection holds contact information for the user and provides some available administrative actions.


Available Admin actions

Control buttonDefinitionDetails
editEdit the user information- Edit the user's main contact information.
block activateDeactivate/Activate user-
When first created, the user account of a customer is by default inactive until the customer activates it or an Admin does it manually through the Management Panel. An active user account can be also manually blocked. When a user is blocked by an Administrator they have no available actions, cannot log in and cannot reactivate their account on their own. An Administrator only can do that.
on holdEnable OnHold state- Choosing this option will make the user unable to place orders. Additionally, the system will set a user on OnHold state if their Wallet is with negative balance.
custom paymentsCustom payment- Enable custom payment options for that user. This will lead to the user to be able to see and use Payment methods which are not set as Global. For more information, please click here.
passwordsChange password- Reset the user’s password for access to their User panel. Former password is not displayed for security purposes.
affiliatesAffiliate- This refers to the Affiliate system. If the customer is an affiliate, their Affiliate level would be visible here. In that case an Admin can view the commissions and change the Affiliate level for the user. For more information on Affiliates, please click here.
manage profileManage profiles- Will transfer over to the Customer's Profiles page in the Customer Panel.

Types of user statuses

Users can be sorted out in two types of statuses.

User statusDefinition
active-user- The user is completely active and can perform all user-related actions. Displayed in green color.
inactive-user- The user is not yet activated, but is created and can log in. The user needs to activate his account from the automatic email they'd receive, or an Admin can activate them manually. Displayed in red color.

III. Emails

This subsection is dedication on the creation and/or editing of email addresses.

emails preview

Note: The Registration email cannot be deleted.

Available Admin actions

Control buttonDefinitionDetails
customers-add-emailAdd an email- Add an additional email to be associated with that user.
primary emailEdit primary email- Edit an already existing email address for the user.
secondary emailModify secondary email- Edit or delete the secondary email address.
subscribed email Alternative textMarketing GDPR subscription- These refer to the subscription for marketing materials, clicking on them will enable modification of that subscription. Additionally, it provides the option to type in a reason for subscribing/unsubscribing, to send an email to the user, and upload a document that may be in connection with the subscription. Please see additional information here.

IV. Companies

This subsection refers to the Company information that a user may want/need to include in their main account. Only Company can be added here.

companies preview

Available Admin actions

Control buttonDefinitionDetails
customers-add-companyAdd company- Add a company association for that user. (e.g. the company they own).
delete Alternative textDelete or Edit- Delete or Edit the listed company.

Adding a Company

add company

V. Services/Domains

This is a brief overview of the Services and Domains of that user. The table displays generic information as the name of the service/domain, its expire date (if applicable), its status. Service statuses are various and specific. Please see more information on Service statuses here. The list of user services/domains on this page of the user account will display at most three items.

Additionally, for more details on the customer's Services, please see the article on the respective section here.

services preview

Available Admin actions

Control buttonDefinitionDetails
view-detailView details- View more details about the specific service/domain. Opens up its specific Service details page. The same thing can be done by clicking on the item's name.
see allSee all- To see the complete list for Services/Domains, as the preview here is limited to only three items per category.

VI. Orders

This subsection refers to a brief preview of orders that the user has placed. The list will display at most three items.

orders preview

Available Admin actions

Control buttonDefinitionDetails
view-detailView details- View more details about the specific order. Opens up its specific Order details page.
see allSee all- To see the complete list for Orders, as the preview here is limited to only three items per category.

Types of payment statuses

There are two types of payment statuses that are displayed next to orders:

State IconDefinitionDetail
customers-profile-paid-orderPaid- This order has been paid for already.
customers-profile-unpaid-order.pngUnpaid- This order has not been paid for yet. This affects the order status and its respective documentation.

VII. User Notes

This subsection refers to Notes that are added for the user. They are for Administration's convenience only. There are two types of notes - order-related and user-related. This page displays only user-related notes. Clicking on the note's content will display the entire message.

preview notes

Available Admin actions

Control buttonDefinitionDetails
edit or deleteEdit or Delete- Edit or Delete the note.
add noteAdd note- For an Admin to add a note in regards to a specific user. Notes are not visible by the user. They could be regarding user activity or user purchases; each note has its own ID in the system.

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