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This section displays all the domains that the specific user has purchased, their state and details. They are specified with their TLDs (Top Level Domain) under their name.

Tip: Top-level domain (TLD) refers to the last segment of a domain name, or the part that follows immediately after the "dot" symbol, e.g., etc.

By default, the information columns include: ID, Name, Status, Expiry date, Auto renew option, View details.

users domains

Available Admin Actions

Control buttonDefinitionDetail
-searchSearch- Search for a domain. This Search field is a single one without additional options.
Alternative textSort- Sort the Domains list by expiry date.
-filterFilter table- Choose which options the details table of the domains would display.
expandExpand- Some domains may carry more details. If so, this menu can be dropped to view them.
view-details1View details- Click to open further on details for the specific domain. The same could be done by clicking on the domain’s name.

Domains Details

When details for the domain are selected they open up in a new panel. It displays a similar page as the Services category: Name Servers for the domain in question, Assigned contacts, Registrar Customer ID, Product Options, Orders, Logs, and Notes.

domain details

Top Ribbon

The top control ribbon of the Customer's Domains subsection displays the Registrar on the top right corner and also holds the following information:

Control ButtonsDefinitionDetail
status barStatus bar- This button displays the current status of the service, if active – until which date, and allows for manual status change. The complete list of Service statuses is included above on the page.
auto renewAuto renew- Manually turn on or off Auto renewal for the specific service. This will set whether the service/product will be automatically renewed by the system on its due date or not. Usually, the auto-renew of a specific product is about 2-4 weeks prior to expiry.
fetchFetch- This setting syncs the domain information between the Registrar and Billia engine.
transfer-registrarTransfer- Domains remain with the Registrar they have been purchased with, that would be the location to control their Name Servers (NS). Still, a Registrar could be switched with another one with this button.
edit-datesEdit Period dates- Manually edit the expiry, suspension and/or the termination date of the specific service.
more informationMore information- Displays options to either generate a report or view Logs.

Time periods

There is also a visual representation of the status days for the domain time periods on the top ribbon of the page.

domain details for users

  • Green line (Active period) - displays the amount of active days left for this domain, i.e. the amount of time left for this domain to be operational. After it reaches the specified date, it becomes expired and non-operational.

  • Orange line (Grace period) - displays the amount of days available for the domain to be renewed at the standard price after it expires.

  • Red line (Redemption and Termination) - displays the amount of days until the domain reaches the Redemption period, when it is being put on hold and prepared to be removed from ownership, and when it will be officially terminated as a service owned by that user. The domain can still be renewed for the same owner while in Redemption period, but costs more.

Product Options

Product Options are not always applicable and represent additional criteria or characteristic for the product itself. Most Product Options cost an additional price. You can read more on Product Options here.


This section displays the details around the Order(s) for this product. You can see more details on Product Orders here.


Displays any user or order-related notes for this domain. Please see more information on Notes here.

More available Admin actions

Control buttonDefinitionDetail
-manageManage- Manage, change, update the domain’s Name Servers (NS).
expand1Expand- Expand the section to review more details.
Alternative textAdd Options- Add a Product-related Option, to see more information on Product Options, please click here.
view detailsView details- View the details of a specific section. May transfer over to a different panel.
Alternative textEdit or Delete- Edit or delete that note.
add noteAdd note- Add a new note in regards to that domain.

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