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The Orders subsection in the Customer's category displays a list of the total orders that the specific user has placed. This article will explain how this is related to a user, and for more information on Orders, their statuses and details, please view our dedicated Management Panel Orders articles.

Below is a screenshot of how the user's Orders list looks like. The columns include: ID, Type of the order, the specific Service, Name/Company name, The Reseller, Status of the order, Price, Payment method, Date, and additional Admin actions. More on the definitions of all columns and the additional Admin actions, please click here.

orders list

Additional functionalities

Additional functionalities assist in the easier categorization and update of the customer's orders information.

Automatic Refresh rate

There is a default Refresh functionality, that activates itself at a specified by the Admin interval of time, e.g. 30 sec. The refresh time intervals start from 10 up to 60 seconds, every second. With this function the system automatically refreshes the Orders list for preview in case that specific user has placed any new orders or the previous ones have a change or update.

refresh rate on users orders

Search Option

The Search option for the Orders section has additional search fields: Purchase ID, Username/Email, Product option, Username, Name/Phone, Document, Label key/Label value.


Filter table options

The Filter options allow for information to be viewed or hidden as per specific criteria. The Filter options displayed in the Orders page are related to:

  1. The Payment status


  2. The Payment method used


  3. The Order type


  4. The Order status

    list filter statuses

-search- Search option.
-filter- Filtering option for the types of orders to appear.
Alternative text- Filtering option to sort the results in various ways in the table.

More available Admin actions

Control buttonDefinitionDetail
date-rangeDate range- Specify the date range that the Orders list would be displayed in.
expand1Expand- An Order can contain one or more purchases. Expand it to see all purchases it consists of.
order-pay pay-order-fadedPay order- Depending on the arrangement an Admin can complete the purchasing process by manually paying for it. When a purchase is already paid for, the icon appears as faded.
name-company-clickClicking on the name/company- Transfers over to that user’s profile details, for more information please click here.
view-details1View product details- View the details for the specific product/service; redirects to the Services page - Product Details. For more information on the Services page, please click here.
order-detailsView order details- View the details for the specific order including payment status, amount, payment method etc. Clicking on the ID will redirect to the same location.
existing-noteExisting note- There is an existing order/user note that can be previewed by hovering over this icon. Depending on the column this icon appears in, it could also indicate a Purchase document.

To view all the information on the details of an Order, please click here to be redirected to the dedicated article.

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