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One user can have multiple secondary profiles within their own accounts. They allow for purchases to be made from one and the same user account but under a different name holding different billing and contact information.

The Profiles list itself has a few columns with information: ID, Company name, Name, Email address, City, Phone, Status and control buttons. Editing the specific profile or clicking on the Company name or Username will all result in opening up the details for that profile.

The Profiles list will show at least one profile, which is the Primary one of the user.

Adding a new profile by an Admin can also happen from that same page, from the bottom right hand corner.

preview for users profiles

Note: The Primary profile can be only edited, not deleted.

Users can be sorted out in two types of statuses.

User statusDefinition
active-user- The user is completely active and can perform all user-related actions. Displayed in green color.
inactive-user- The user is not yet activated, but is created and can log in. The user needs to activate his account from the automatic email they'd receive, or an Admin can activate them manually. Displayed in red color.

Available Admin Actions

Control buttonDefinitionDetails
cloneClone- Clone the selected profile.
customers-edit-or-deleteEdit or Delete- Choose to Edit or Delete the selected profile. The primary profile can only be edited.
add newAdd new- Add a new profile to the user in question.

Profile details

Opening an already existing profile or choosing to create a new one will both display the same options that are available for completion. Contact and personal detail such as: names, location, time zone, language, status, phone number; Company and Email adding.

profile details

Additional controls are displayed under the Profile details sections:

Control buttonDefinitionDetails
customers-use-gravatarUse Gravatar- Selecting this option will link your avatar through Gravatar, for this the user has to first use the Gravatar service and to have pictures uploaded to it. At this stage, there is no custom option for users to assign avatars from within the Billia software.
customers-auto-generate-invoiceAuto generate invoice- Set the system to automatically generate invoices for the specific user when they place orders.
customers-auto-generate-proformaAuto generate proforma- Set the system to automatically generate proformas for the specific user when they place orders.
add labelsAdd label- Use this button to add labels to this functionality.

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