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This section includes all the services of the specific user that are purchased. These services may be active, pending or inactive; the statuses vary.

They are sorted out in a table with columns with specific information: service ID, name of the service, its category and price, the time period and auto renewal option selected, and the expiry date and current status.

user section services

Note: Despite Domains being technically “services”, they are more specific and hence cannot be found under the Services section under Users. They have their own dedicated section to describe their characteristics in full.

Available Admin Actions

Control buttonDefinitionDetail
-searchSearch- Search for a specific service or type of one. This Search field is a single one without additional options.
Alternative textSort- Sort the Services list by expiry date.
-filterFilter table- Choose which options the details table of the services would display.
expandExpand- Some services may carry more details. If so, this menu can be dropped to view them.
view-details1View details- Click to open further on details for the specific service. The same could be done by clicking on the services’ name.


The Filter options include checkboxes for product category choices and service statuses. For more information on Service status definitions, please click here.


After selecting to view the details for a certain service (or by simply clicking on its name), a new panel opens up with extensive details about that service. To view more information about that please click here to be transferred to the respective article.

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