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The Tickets subsection is the place for Admins to view the support tickets that a customer has created. In the case that a customer has a problem or request, they submit support tickets for review and communication on the topic is easily established through a dedicated channel.

preview of user tickets

This subsection displays the tickets with various data. The columns in the list include:

ID- Similar to orders, purchases and transactions, every ticket has its own unique ID in the system.
Subject- The topic of the support ticket.
Status- The current status of the support ticket.
Last activity- The date stamp of when the last response from either side occurred.
Priority- The urgency level of thе support ticket, depends on how critical the problem/request is.
Department- Defines the category to which this support tickets applies.
Name- Name of the last person to communicated on the support ticket.


There a few ticket statuses to display their current state of communication.

Open- Default status, the ticket is set to it at the moment of its creation.
Pending- Indicates the ticket is awaiting an answer.
In progress- The ticket is being worked on and communication is ongoing.
Answered- A response has been left from the Support team/Admin and indicates it hasn't been read yet.
Solved- Topic is solved and concluded.


The Priority sets the urgency of the ticket. There are three different priorities.

Normal- Lowest level of urgency.
Level 2- Medium level of urgency.
Level 1- Highest level of urgency.

Available Admin Actions

Control buttonDefinitionDetail
expand2Expand- Expand the ticket to see the entire communication with all posts.
add-postAdd post- Add a new response.
edit2Edit ticket- Edit support ticket options such as subject or status.
change-statusChange status- Modify the current status of the ticket.

Edit ticket

By clicking the pen icon an Admin can modify an existing support ticket. This includes changing the subject of the ticket, changing the status, changing the department and changing the priority level


Create a ticket

The ticketing system is a two-way system, where an Administrator can also create and assign a support ticket for a customer. The action is done by clicking on the plus sign on the bottom right hand corner - Alternative text


Creating the ticket requires for certain fields to be completed:

Search User- Assign the ticket to a specific user. When starting to type a user's name a drop-down list appears with matches to be selected.
Subject- Set the subject of the support ticket, best is to include the main question/topic/request without excessive descriptions.
Message- Type in a more detailed message/explanation to the question/problem/request of the support ticket.
Priority- Set the urgency for the support ticket.
Department- Choose which Department the support ticket relates to. Departments depend on the type of business using Billia and are set with the initial customization of the software.
Status- Set the status of the ticket manually.

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