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Customers - User account Transactions

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The Transactions sections shows a list of all the transactions that the user in question has made. The sums are again color-coded. Red numbers indicate withdrawal of an amount or an amount that is spent - credit, and the green numbers indicate a deposit of a sum - debit. Each transaction has its own unique ID, is additionally listed next to the respective Order ID and the time and date stamps. Clicking on the specific Order ID will transfer over to the Purchase details page for that Order. To see more information on Purchase details, please click here.


Manual actions can be done in terms of creating a transaction from this very page. This is done by clicking the plus-icon on the bottom right hand corner - add-new1

Depending on the type of transaction that is needed to be made, one can create a Debit Transaction to add funds into the customer's account, or create a Credit Transaction, where the Admin will practically withdraw an amount from the customer's account.


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