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How to access a user's Customer Panel?

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Often, in case it is needed, an Administrator may have to access a user's Customer Panel. There is an embedded action for this in the Billia Management Panel.

Note: It is not advised to manually change/obtain a user's password in order to access their account, especially without their knowledge. Please use the specified setting for this, which is mainly used for troubleshooting purposes.

  1. Navigate to your Billia Management Panel > Customer and locate the user whose Control Panel you want to access.
  2. Open the user's account and locate the Information section. There, an Impersonate button exists.

    impersonating action button within user profile

    The Impersonate button grants access to that Customer Panel by impersonating the Admin for the user before the system. Actions are allowed at that point and they will be documented in the respective system logs.

    The process works in two steps.

  3. Click on Impersonate - at that point the system is prepared to consider the Admin as the user and allow access.

  4. The setting changes to Open User Panel - this confirms the requested access to the Customer Panel.

    next step in impersonating a user

    Finally the Customer Panel of the selected user is presented in a new tab with a message displaying who the Administrator is logged in as.

    final step where Administrator is logged in as user

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