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How to add a new Language?

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Please note, that adding additional languages to the system may require changes to the code.

To add a new language to the Billia Management Panel:

  1. Navigate to your Billia Management Panel > Management > Languages.
  2. The list with already existing in the system languages appears. Click on the plus icon on the bottom right corner to add a new one.

    how to add a new language

  3. A form to complete fields is displayed.

    fill in form to add a new language

    Complete them as follows:

    • Name - Type in the name of the language that you want to added.

    • Local name - Type in the name of the language in its own language.
    • Abbreviation - Type in the abbreviation of the language.
    • Direction - Choose the direction of typing - left to right (LTR) or right to left (RTL).
    • Status - Set the status of the language as enabled or disabled, i.e. whether it would be usable or not.
    • Default - Select to choose the language as a default for the system.

      Finally, save the changes to save the progress.

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