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How to attach a label in the system?

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In order to attach a label in the system, it has to be first set up in the system through the Billia Management Panel. To see more information on labels, please click here.

1. Create the Label component

Note: The label's Resource and Component types are hard-coded into the system. Such cannot be additionally added from within the Billia Management Panel. If a preferred Resource or Component type is not available, please code it into the system before setting up a Label component.

  1. Navigate to your Billia Management Panel > Management > Labels so that the list and settings for labels are displayed.

    access the labels category

  2. Click on the plus icon on the bottom right corner. The panel to create a label is displayed.

    create a label component and fill the fields

    Complete the fields as follows, and save the changes:

Key- Set the key title for the component label you will be creating. No writing restrictions are present.
Name- Set the name for the component label, which will be publicly visible in the Management Panel.
Description- Set a description for the component label, not obligatory.
Type- Choose the component's type and style of the information it will eventually require. Includes: "integer" - a number, "string" - a text, "yes-no" - to confirm or deny, and "range" - to set a from-to range of numbers.
Allowed values- Set a Value and a Name for needed values, which are a part of the label component. Once the label is selected to be attached in the specific system location, the values would be available to choose from as part of that label. E.g. - in the Users section, under a specific User, add a label titled "Account Manager". That label already has pre-created values representing different Account managers.

2. Attach a Resource to the Label component

After creating the Label component, it appears in the list with all Labels. The next step is to attach a resource, a.k.a. system location, to the Label component, to indicate where exactly this Label would be visible.

  1. From the same location Billia Management Panel > Management > Labels, find your new Label component.
  2. To the side of it control buttons are available. Click on the small plus icon to assign a Resource.

    add a resource to a label component

  3. A pop-up appears where a Resource could be selected from a drop-down menu.

    choose a new resource

    At that point the Label component will receive one or more Resources.

    a label component attached with resources

3. Attach the Label in the system

After the configuration of the label is complete, it can then be added in the actual system location (Resource).

  1. Access the specific Resource's location, in this example it is "User". Navigate to Billia Management Panel > Customers and locate the user you want to attach the label to.

  2. The option to add a Label will be displayed there automatically, due to that system location being added as a Resource in the Labeling API.

    add a label option

  3. Click on it. All Labels with a resource "User" will appear in a drop-down menu. Choose your new Label and click to add it. If set up, its values will be available to choose from, as well.

    choose on a label

    choose a label

  4. Finally, the Label will appear as attached in the desired location.

    ready label is attached

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