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How to attach a label to a Catalog Product?

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Labels can now be attached to Catalog Products. Specific ones can be visualized outside of the Billia Management Panel - in the Billia Store. Otherwise, they are visualized on the specific Catalog Product's details' page in the Billia Management Panel.

The Billia Store is the platform for online eCommerce and represents the Catalog of the specific business using Billia.

The Catalog Product is the general product of that type, with all of its settings and configurations.

Billia provides two preset Catalog Product labels which are configured to be visible in the Billia Store: "product_tag_qty_12" and "product_tag". Custom ones can also be set up.

catalog labels

If the preferred label is not preset, as mentioned above, it needs to be first created. To create a new label, please click here and follow main steps 1 and 2, where the Resource to use is “CatalogProduct”.

To add a label to a desired Catalog Product:

  1. Navigate to your Billia Management Panel -> Catalog -> Products.
  2. Choose the desired product, you would like to attach a label to, like this and click the pen icon next to it.

    choose product

  3. In the specific Catalog Product’s details click the “Fields and Labels” section.

  4. Below the menu with the product’s sections click on the plus icon.

    choose to add label

  5. The Label’s attachment options appear. Click on the Key field and select the desired Label from the dropdown menu.

    choose label key

  6. After that complete the value field, as preferred (if applicable).

    choose value

  7. Select the color for the label.

  8. Save the changes for the label and then for the Catalog Product.

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