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How to attach Product images to products?

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In order to configure products in the best way possible, an option to add images to them also exists.

  1. Navigate to your Billia Management Panel > Catalog > Products and locate the product you want to attach an image to.
  2. Click on the pen icon next to the preferred product to display its details.

    how to modify an existing product

  3. When the product details are displayed, select the category "Product Images".

    select product images category

  4. The Product Images category is displayed. Click on the "Add new" button to start adding images to the product.

    add an image to a product

  5. The fields to add the image appear.

    add an image

    Complete them as follows:

images- Upload an image from a local storage.
Key- Type in the frontend key for the image.
URL- Another way to upload an image. Set the URL for the image, if it is already in the system. If not, it will get automatically populated when uploaded through the respective icon.
Route- Since attaching a resource image can be done in various sections on the Billia Management panel, this line displays the category this image is for. In this case - Payment methods.
Client ID- Select the client/panel/platform/software for the image to appear.

After the image has been saved in the system, it appears in the list with Product images. At that point that product is configured to appear with that image on the specified system location.

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