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How to create/edit a marketing banner?

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The marketing banner is a feature that promotes and advertises through an image and description on a specific online location in the system. It can be created for visual purposes only, or be set up to be clicked and redirect, as well. In order to create a banner:

  1. Log into the Billia Management Panel.
  2. Click on the Marketing section to the left.
  3. Select Banner Management.

    banner management section

  4. The preview of all Banners and their setup will appear. It displays two sections on the top - Banners and Groups. In order to create a new Banner, click on the Plus button to the bottom right.

    click to add a new banner

  5. The fields to create your banner will appear.

    complete fields to create new banner

After this to complete the banner follow these steps:

  1. Choose if the banner will be Active, Paused or Expired, from the beginning.
  2. Name of the banner - set the title for the banner, this will be visible for external public once the banner is live.
  3. Short description - set a brief description for the banner, this will be visible for external public once the banner is live.
  4. Description - set a fuller description for that banner.
  5. Show advanced settings - clicking this visualizes a JSON field to type in a JSON code in order to specify more precise conditions.
  6. Expiration - set the expiration period of the banner as a date From-To when it should be active. Additionally, choose the number of Clicks and Views that the banner will be able to generate.

    The Views setting means that once customers reach the online page the banner is displayed on, this is counted as one view.

    Additionally, when a banner has an embedded URL, the Clicks setting means how many times it allows to be clicked, in order for that URL to be reached.

    Reaching one of these limits, will result in the expiration of the banner.

  7. URL - in the case you would like the banner to be clickable and redirect to a specific page, type its URL in here. Additionally, choose whether clicking on that banner will open the URL in a new window or the same window.

  8. Banner - add the image for the banner by a simple upload from your local machine.
  9. When all done, save changes, and the banner is created.

The next step is to place the Banner onto a specific location in the system.

Note: In order for a location to be set in the system and a banner to be attached to it, that location needs to be first uploaded and configured on the backend. For more information, please see the respective section here.

  1. Click on the Groups section on the top of the page.

    clicking on groups section to create banners

  2. Click on the Pen icon for edit next to the location you want to banner to be placed at.

    edit a banner group

  3. The location's details show up. Underneath the fields, all existing banners will be displayed. Simply check the one you need to place in that location and click Save on the bottom.

In order to edit an already existing banner, on the other hand, you need to simply click on the Pen icon next to that banner. The menu that will open up is the same as when creating a new banner.

editing a banner

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