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How to find information on items abandoned in a customer's shopping cart?

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In many cases customers may leave products and items in their shopping carts and leave them there without completing the purchase process. For such situations the Administrator can check the Billia Management Panel to find more information.

  1. Navigate to your Billia Management Panel > Marketing > Abandoned carts.
  2. A list with all abandoned carts, their owners and items contained will be displayed.

    preview of the section for abandoned users' carts

This page only provides information on abandoned items in a customer's shopping cart. No actions that may be able to affect those items or shopping carts are available.

The page includes information on the name of customer whose shopping cart still has an item in it, the specific product that has been left there, how much it costs and if any discounts have been applied to it, the order type and the state of the purchase, and finally the time stamp of when that item has been added to the cart.

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