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This section provides control over already existing Administrators for the Billia engine. These could have various admin-related roles - marketing, sales, tech, etc. They can be additionally attached to Administrators.

manage admins preview

Manage Admins list sections

ID- The unique ID of the Administrator.
Username- The username of the Admin.
Name- The full name of the Admin.
Reseller- Defines the owner of the data.
Status- The status of the Admin - active or inactive. This depends on the status of the user, whether their account has been activated after the initial account creation or not.

Available Admin actions

Control buttonDefinitionDetail
-searchSearch- Search for Administrators per keyword.
edit2Edit- Edit an Administrator.
adjust-settingsChange password- Update the Administrator's password. The popup also includes the option for a "password generator".
deleteDelete- Delete an Administrator.
add new 2 blueAdd new- Add a new Administrator to the list.

Edit an Admin

By choosing to edit an already existing Administrator, the following fields appear as available for modification: the reseller, the first and last names of the Administrator, their status, their type of admin role and a slider setting, which when enabled will set that Administrator as also a Developer.


Reset an Admin's password

Resetting an Administrator's password requires to simply manually type a new password twice or choose to be randomly generated. Knowing the old one is not necessary.

reset administrative password

Add a new Admin

Adding a new user to be an Administrator requires to complete the following fields: choose the reseller, first and last name of the user, their username, set a password in two copies or use the system to randomly generate one, choose the admin-related role and choose whether they are a developer.

Add role

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