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The Resellers section defines product/service owners included in the specific instance of the Billia platform. The "default" Reseller indicates the default business using the engine. It is the core reseller. All integrated resellers receive their own panels, branded with their respective logos.

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Reseller sections

Reseller- The name of the specified Reseller. Only the core reseller is always titled as "default".
Grant types- Displays the login options available for this reseller.
Access to resellers- Defines to which other resellers the specified one has access. Resellers can inherit each other. The core reseller "default" has by definition access to all other resellers and orders.

Available Admin actions

Control buttonDefinitionDetail
domainsDomains- Opens up a single domain field. In this field is where the respective domain URLs to the Billia panels for this reseller are inserted. This will help the system link access to them with the owning Reseller's data.
editEdit- Modify the reseller.
deleteDelete- Delete the reseller.
addAdd- Add a new reseller.

Add a new reseller

Adding a new reseller requires the completion of specific information.

add new reseller

The fields that need to be completed include:

Reseller- Type in the name of the desired Reseller.
Master- Set if you want it to be a "Master". This means that it will automatically receive access to all pre-existing resellers. Additionally, when a new one is created after that, the Master reseller will automatically gain access to it.
Access to resellers- In the case you don't want the reseller to be a Master, set the resellers you'd want it to have access to. The chosen resellers will appear as labels below.

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