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The Marketing section in the Billia Management Panel is where discounts and promotions can be created. It allows for flexibility and a vast choice spectrum. Every business periodically offers discounts for its products/services and services to stir up its clientèle and boost purchase rates.

preview of marketing section

The Marketing section consists of two main subsections:

Marketing subsectionDefinitionDetails
discountsDiscounts- All discounts and promo codes are set from here, they are sorted out in specific categories: Single discounts, Relation discounts and Promo codes.
abandoned cartsAbandoned carts- Displays a list of all items that were left abandoned in users' carts.
bannersBanner Management- Create custom advertising banners to promote the discounting offers.
sendSend- Specifies the setup of regular Newsletters.

Discount categories

Discounts are sorted out in three separate categories:

Discount typeDefinitionDetails
single discountsSingle discounts- Describes a discount that by itself can be on a lowered price - percentage wise or by fixed amount. For more information on single discounts please click here.
relation discountsRelation discounts- Describes a bundle of products/services that purchased together could have a lower price. For more information on relation discounts please click here.
promocodesPromo codes- Describes discount coupons used in the creation of single discounts. Promo codes cannot be used by themselves, rather are always a part of single discounts. For more information on promo codes please click here.

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