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Marketing - Promo codes

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Promo codes are discount coupons designed to be triggers to single discounts. They are personalized and cannot be used separately. For more information on single discounts please click here.


Each promo code can be attached to multiple single discounts. At the same time, each promo code has a limit of how many times it can be used.

Available Admin actions

Control buttonDefinitionDetail
-searchSearch- Search for a promo code. A single line is displayed to search per key word.
edit2Edit- Edit an already existing promo code. The name of the promo code is not available for editing.
-deleteDelete- Delete an existing promo code.
add-new1Add new- Create a new promo code.

Creating a promo code

Creating a promo code is a simple task and requires completing some specific fields.

creating a promo code

These fields include:

Promo code name- Set the name for the promo code.
Promo code group- This option sets the promo code's use - whether it can be used on its own or if it can be used with other discounts as well.
Promo code limit- Set the limit of the promo code, i.e. how many times it can be used.
Affiliate- Associate the promo code with an Affiliate in order for them to promote the business's product/service with a discount.
Success message- Set a message that the client would see to know that the use of the promo code has been successful.
Duration period- Set the duration period for the promo code, or when it would expire.

At the bottom of the promo code's details there is a column that lists all the discounts associated with that promo code.

Promo code group

The promo code group sets whether it could be applied along with other discounts or not. It is a rule that has two options:

Promo code groupDefinition
And- This option gives the promo code the ability to be easily applied along with other discounts.
Or- This option sets the promo code to be able to be applied as the only discount at a time.

Promo code limit

The limit of the promo code sets how many times it can be used. If the code is used after the limit is reached a notification is displayed for the customer that says that the promo code is invalid due to limit reached, and the purchase will be processed without the discount.

Duration period

The duration period sets for how long the promo code would be active and when it would expire. There are two options for a duration period:

Duration periodDefinition
Unlimited duration- Sets the promo code to never expire.
Start date/ End date- Set a specific start date for when the promo code becomes active and a specific end date for when the promo code would expire.

Available Admin actions

Control buttonDefinition
Back- Click to cancel the promo code progress and go back to the list of promo codes.
save-code- Save the promo code.
Generate- Generate mass promo codes.


This button is designed to create multiple unique promo codes at once. It's purpose is to enable the use of one and the same discount by each person only once, and at the same time ease the creation of that many promo codes, that would be associated with the same discount. Additionally, this setup can be exported in CSV format.


From time to time every business sets up official business meetings, advertising gathering, conferences and events to promote their services. In such cases sometimes they give out promotional coupons to their attendees for a discount of one of their products.

In the Billia Management Panel, under the Marketing section such a discount with a promo code would be created as follows:

  1. Create the single discount beforehand, with Hook - Promo code, without specifying any just yet. For more information on creating single discounts, please click here.

  2. Create a promo code, as described above in this article, by filling all of its fields and clicking on Generate.

  3. The fields that need to be completed on the new pop-up window include the total number of promo codes to be generated and the ID of the discount they would be associated with.

    generating promo codes

This way multiple similar but unique promo codes are created, within a couple of minutes, and get attached to the preset discount. Each promo code could be used only once and at the same time the discount is applied as many promo codes were generated.

Using a promo code

When a promo code is attached to a single discount, it becomes a trigger for that discount. The name of the promo code is then provided to a customer to make a purchase as per the properties of the single discount.

At the point of completing the purchase there will be an available field to type in the promo code's name. If it is active and its limit is not reached then the success message appears. If the limit is reached or the promo code is inactive then the respective notification would show up to notify the customer.

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