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Marketing - Single discounts

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Single discounts display discounts for one product that can be triggered in different ways.

This section previews a list of already existing single discounts and gives the option to create new ones.

preview of the single discount sections

Available Admin actions

Control buttonDefinitionDetail
-searchSearch- Search for a single discount. A single line is displayed to search per key word.
-filterFilter table- Filter the list to display a certain Type or Hook (trigger).
add-new1Add new- Create a new single discount.
edit2Edit- Edit an already existing single discount. The Hook is not subject to change once set.
-deleteDelete- Delete an already existing single discount.

Filter table options

The Filter table options are separated into two categories - Type of the single discount and Hook of the single discount.


Types of a single discount

The Type of a single discount displays how the discount would be applied. There are two Types of a single discount - fixed and percent.

Fixed- This type means that the discount will be applied by a fixed sum out of the total price.
Percent- This type means that the discount will be applied by a percentage of the total price.

Hooks of a single discount

The Hook of a single discount displays the trigger of the discount, meaning - the criteria that needs to be met in order for the system to know there is a discount in that situation. There are two types of Hooks - quantity and promo code.

Quantity- This hook requires for the time period of the desired by the user product/service to be the same as the one set in the single discount, in order for it to be applied. Quantity-based single discounts are not personalized and would be available throughout the entire system to any customer purchasing a product/service with the specified properties.
Promo code- This hook is a coupon that is created and provided to a customer; when used the time period of the product/service isn't a factor. Promo codes are personalized discounts. Please see more information on Promo codes here.

Creating a single discount

Creating a single discount brings out a new screen with multiple options that define the discount and the product properties.

create a new single discount

The fields that need to be completed and the available actions include:

Alternative text- The discount needs to be attached to a specific product/service. This option will preview the business's Catalog products/services to choose from. For more information on the Catalog products/services please click here..
Type- Choose the type of the discount - fixed or percent.
Discount- The discount number is filled in here with six digits after the decimal point for optimum mathematical accuracy.
Min. quantity- The minimum time frame of the product/service selected is filled in here, i.e. the minimum amount of time for which the product/service can be purchased, for the discount to take effect, e.g. 1 month.
Max. quantity- The maximum time frame of the product/service selected is filled in here. i.e. the maximum amount of time for which the product/service can be purchased, for the discount to take effect, e.g. 24 months.
Order type(s)- Choose the order type of the product/service selected, i.e. during which order action will the discount be applicable, e.g. when the product/service is being renewed.
Hook- Choose the trigger for the discount, whether it would be quantity-based or promo code-based.
Alternative text- Save changes on the newly created single discount.

Note: Min and max quantity type depends on the product the discount is set for. For most products the numbers are considered as months, for domains specifically - years.

Choosing a Hook

There may be some additional options involved when choosing the type of discount hook.

When a quantity-based hook is chosen there are no more actions to select from. It simply notifies that the period for which the user has selected the product/service has to be within the discount's time frame.

choose a single discount quantity hook

Choosing a promo code-based hook will require an additional setting of choosing the specific promo code. More than one promo code could be attached to one and the same single discount. The promo code needs to also be existing before hand, in order to be chosen. For more information on promo codes please click here.

choose a single discount promocode hook

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