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Orders - Types and Statuses

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It is important first to note the definitions and differences between an "order" and "purchase" in Billia.

Order - the type of action and its purpose towards the product/service which is being purchased or modified, e.g. "an order to renew". Simply put - the purpose of the purchase made.

Purchase - every action with the purpose to purchase a new product or service, or to modify an already existing one. Additionally, one purchase contains orders, one or more.

Orders are categorized with different types to display the overall purpose and action that is intended with them.

TypeType nameDescription
new-typeNew- Indicates that the Order is with the purpose of purchasing a brand new product/service that isn’t existing in that user’s account at that moment.
renewRenew- Indicates that the Order is with the purpose to renew an already existing product/service, which may be soon reaching the renewal date, is already in renewal state, or is inactive due to missing the renewal time frame, but is not yet a terminated product/service. Such may be domain names or subscription-based services.
edit-typeEdit- Indicates that the Order is with the purpose to modify an already existing product/service, which may be in the sense of updating its data, contact information, servers etc.
transfer-typeTransfer- Indicates that the Order is with the purpose to move the product/service to another account or, in the case of domains - hosting or Registrar.
upgrade-typeUpgrade- Indicates that the Order is with the purpose to change the package of an already existing product/service. It may refer to upgrading a product/service to be more advanced or downgrading it to a more basic one.
cancel-typesCancel- Indicates that the Order is with the purpose to cancel an already existing product/service which terminates it and makes it unusable for the customer in question.
fundFund- Indicates that the Order is with the purpose to add funds into a user account, which is applicable as an action depending on the payment method that account uses, e.g. online credit or virtual wallet.
mixedMixed- Two or more orders placed at the same time are still considered as one purchase. I.e. one purchase can consist of multiple orders, in which case the entire order type will be displayed as Mixed.

Payment statuses

The price of each order is color-coded and there are only two payment statuses:

not-paidNot paidPrice is displayed in red color and the details indicate this label, as the order is not yet paid for.
paidPaidPrice is displayed in green color and the details indicate this label, as the order is already paid for.

Order statuses

As mentioned, purchases consist of orders. Each of the purchase's orders goes through specific statuses to display the current stage it is in during the process of providing that product/service to the user who bought it.

StatusStatus NameDescription
pending-statePending- First stage a purchase goes through – when a customer places an order it goes into a Pending state in preparation for the system to start processing it.
approved-stateApproved- Second stage – when that purchase gets approved by the system to be processed further. After this stage is when the service/product is actually created.
configureConfigure- A mid-stage, where the order is not yet configured, as there are still non-configured Options of the product/service present. This means the actual service's status is configure, as well.
processing-statesProcessing- Third stage – when the system starts to officially process the specific purchase.
inprogress-stateIn progress- Fourth stage – while the system is processing and evaluating the purchase it goes into In progress state.
provisioned-stateProvisioned- Fifth stage – after the system has already successfully processed the purchase, it approves it to be issued and hence, it becomes “provisioned”.
activated-stateActivated- Sixth stage – after the system issues the purchased product/service, it activates it in order for it to be usable by the customer in question.
canceled-stateCanceled- When a customer wants to end the use of a certain product/service he can cancel it and the system deactivates it.
collapsed-stateCollapsed- When a purchase has encountered and error and/or a reason it cannot be completed successfully, it “collapses”and is considered as a failed purchase; this state can occur only before a purchase/service becomes Activated.
mixed-stateMixed- When a purchase contains more than one order. In that case it is expected that these orders would reach their next respective stage at different times, hence the entire status of the purchase becomes “mixed”. The statuses of each order could be seen by clicking the arrow next to the order ID.

Changing a status

In the Order's Purchase details the status of an order can be modified. The transition can be done from certain statuses to specific ones only. To see more information on the Order’s Purchase details please click here to be transferred to the respective article.

StatusChange to
pending-stateapproved-state canceled-state
approved-stateNo change allowed.
configureinprogress-state provisioned-state
inprogress-stateprovisioned-state canceled-state
processed-statesprovisioned-state configure canceled-state
provisioned-statectivated-state configure
collapsed-stateapproved-state canceled-state inprogress-state provisioned-state ctivated-state

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