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Purpose, scope and introduction

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The purpose of this article category is to introduce in detail the layout and options present in the Management Panel of the Billia Cloud Billing and Automation software of ApiHawk Ltd.

Its scope consists of description of the Management Panel goals, introduction to its structure and all options available under every section. This manual includes also example images to display the specific location of every setting.

In regards to the primary software Billia, please find more information about it from our Billia webpage.

Note: Billia Cloud Billing and Automation software is a customizable enterprise engine which is configured as per the purchaser's/customer's preferences and their professional area. Not every business may be in need of or have the preference for all Billia functionalities. Some settings may be specific to the configuration, such as language variety pool, choice of components and modules, currency etc. Nevertheless, this manual will cover all options available in general for the Billia Management Panel.


The Billia Management Panel, also known as Management Panel, represents the control section for business owners and Administrators for ApiHawk Billia software. This panel is accessed only by authorized personnel with administrative rights and depending on their permissions set, they can control various options inside.

The goal of the Billia Management Panel is to provide control over the entire configuration of Billia, which by extension controls the specific business, it has been attached to. It ensures 100% monitoring coverage and full management over all functionalities, processes, actions and options that the main software provisions.



The structure of the Management is designed to be easy to use, categorized and to display as much information as possible, at the same time. It is divided into sections to differentiate the various options provided for the Administrator.

For the purpose of this manual, we are going to analyze each section with all of its options and functionalities.

All sections are listed to the left side of the Management Panel, under the custom company logo.

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