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The Services section is an up-to-date list of all services and products purchased by users, sorted out in categories and displayed with details. These could vary depending on the business using the Billia platform. The services that the specific business uses, as in the products and their respective categories, can be set from the Billia Catalog.

services preview

The list is sorted by date showing newest/latest items first. It provides the following information:

ID- Displays the unique Identification Number of that copy of the service in use.
Name- Displays the name of the service in use, in case it is associated with a specific user's domain, the domain name is listed above the service. Clicking on the service name transfers over to the Customer's Service details page.
User- The User to whom the service is associated; is listed with the primary email address.
Reseller- The business owning the product. "Default" points to the original business using the Billia platform.
Status- Displays the current service status. To see the list with Service Statuses please click here.
Price- Displays the price of the specific service along with its currency.
Period- Displays the time frame which the service has been purchased for and whether it is prepaid or postpaid. Also shows if Auto renew is on or off.
Activated- Displays the date when the service was activated. It may not be the same date the service/product was purchased on, as it depends how long the system would have need to provision and activate it.
Expires- Displays the date when that service expires. Depending on the service this doesn't necessarily mean that it will become unusable right away. Before becoming irreversibly terminated it could go through other states, such as "suspended" and "redemption". For more detailed explanation please click here.

Note: The list will not be showing Activated and Expire dates while the service is in Pending state, as no activation time has been set by the system, which means that an expiry time also cannot be calculated yet.

Available Admin actions

Control buttonDefinitionDetail
-searchSearch- Search the list of services. Can be filtered out per User or per Product.
filterFilter- Filter the services per service status.
expand2Expand- Expand the service in order to see more details, regarding the its specific type, e.g. if it is a domain - the Registrar, NS, contact ID; if it is hosting - type of the hosting, server ID, username, etc.
clicking serviceClick service name- Click on the service name in order to be transferred to more details for it under the Customer's section - Services here.
clicking user nameClick User name- Click on the User name to be transferred to the User account section here.

Auto Renewal

When purchasing a product/service the user can select its Auto Renewal setting to be either enabled or disabled. This will indicate to the system whether it should automatically continue the said service/product's subscription time for the same period upon renewal.

Auto RenewalState
autorenew-enabled- Enabled state, indicates that the system will be automatically renewing the product/service duration and use for the same time period when the expiry time comes.
autorenew-disabled- Disabled state, indicates that the system will not be automatically renewing the product/service, hence it will go through the necessary "expiration", "suspended", and "terminated" states unless manual intervention from the user occurs. Please see more information on service states here.

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