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This section displays extensive information about the specific service. Depending on the service itself, it could provide data about: Usage statistics, Server information, Name servers, Product Options, Orders, Notes.

Each service purchased is personalized for that user. Accessing the Services details happens from the respective subsection in that user's account.

Note: The information displayed under Service details depends on the specific service. Not all of them would have the same data. Specific data will be displayed if applicable to that service.

service details preview

Tip: Name Servers (NS) are a fundamental part of the Domain Name System (DNS) and translate the domain name into IP addresses. Name Servers basically define the hosting of the domain.

Service Timeline

On the top of the page is information on the user who owns the service/product.

After that the main information for the duration periods and state of the service selected are displayed. On the right side is the duration timeline. It displays in a visually easy to understand way the timeline periods of the service.

No service is sempiternal, each one is purchased for a certain period of time, which is called "active period".

Services that are not one-time purchases, need to be renewed in order to continue being active and useful to the customer, as long as needed. They are usually subscription-based and can be renewed in two ways - automatically or manually. Auto renew means that the system will automatically perform the action and renew the service after its active period is over. Manual renew means that the user has chosen to switch auto renew off as they either don't want to continue the service or want to perform the action themselves. It is expected if a service is not continued at the last day of the active period, it should get canceled.

Still, if the service is not renewed, the system makes sure to give more time to the customer to renew. So the service goes into the Grace period for a few days where it is inactive but also reminds that it needs to be paid for in order to remain under the same ownership.

After the grace period completes and the service is still not renewed, it will become put on hold and in preparation to be released of that user's ownership.

To see all details on the statuses a service goes through, please click here.

time periods of top ribbon

  • Green line (Active period) - displays the amount of active days for this service, i.e. the amount of time left for the service to be operational. After it reaches the specified date, it becomes suspended/non-operational.

  • Orange line (Grace period) - displays the amount of days available, after deactivation of the service, to be renewed after it expires. During that time the service remains non-operational.

  • Red line (Termination) - displays the amount of days after deactivation until the service will be officially terminated as owned by that user. If the specific service allows for a last-minute renewal, it would cost more. Once termination occurs the process is irreversible and the service needs to be purchased again, in order to be used.

Service name and settings

On the top left hand corner is the service’s name and various settings:

Control ButtonsDefinitionDetail
activeStatus bar- This button displays the current status of the service, if active – until which date, and allows for manual status change. The complete list of Service statuses is included above on the page.
auto renewAuto renew- Manually turn on or off Auto renewal for the specific service. This will set whether the service/product will be automatically renewed by the system on its due date or not.
upgradeUpgrade- This button allows the Admin to upgrade a customer's service/product from within the Management Panel.
edit-datesEdit Period dates- Manually edit the expiry, suspension and/or the termination date of the specific service.
more informationMore information- Displays options to either generate a protocol or view Logs.

Statistics, information, servers

This section displays general information on the service used. Since in this case it is a hosting plan, details about usage and servers is displayed.

Product Options

Provides information on the Product Options used for that service and their details. These can be removed or changed. Passwords are not visible for security purposes. To see more information on Product Options, please click here.

Deprecated Product Options

This is a separate section that displays Product Options that are no longer applicable to this product/service. It could be due to that service having been upgraded and having those Options already embedded, or downgraded and hence, the Options are not available any more.


Displays all Orders associated with that service. To see more information on Order details, please click here.


Displays any user or order-related notes for this service. Please see more information on Notes here.

More available Admin actions

Control ButtonsDefinitionDetail
edit2Edit option- Edit the specific field or setting.
deleteDelete- Delete the specific line of information.
login-toLog in- Depending on the specific service, you could log into the specific panel.
save_changesSave changes- Save changes to specific fields that were populated.
more_informationInformation- See more information for the field/setting in question, what to do/type.
view-detailView details- View the details of a specific section. May transfer over to a different panel.
add optionsAdd options- Add a Product-related Option, to see more information on Product Options, please click here.
add noteAdd note- Create a new note regarding this service.

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