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Service statuses

Service statuses display the current state of a service in regards to its activity.

Please see the list of Service statuses below:

pendingPending- When a certain service has just been purchased, it enters the Pending status before it can be processed by the system.
configureConfigure- When the product/service hasn't been configured yet, which is a part of the initial steps of ordering it, it will go into the Configure state.
activeActive- When a service/product is purchased and successfully and completely processed by the system, it is then usable and "active".
expiredExpired- Each service/product is purchased with an expiry date (if it is subscription based). When a service reaches its renewal date (the same date it should expire on), in case the automatic renewal* is not switched on, it displays as Expired to notify the user to renew. This doesn't necessarily mean the service/product will become terminated right away. The service/product is then still usable for an amount of time set in the Product itself. For information on setting the Product's expiry date, please click here.
suspendedSuspended- After being in Expired state for a certain amount of time (set it in the Product properties), and at the same time the service doesn’t get renewed, the system puts it in Suspended state, where the service is not active anymore due to payment being due, until it gets resolved.
inactiveInactive- Can be used to manually temporary suspend a customer's service/product. *Currently not in use.
redemptionRedemption- This status comes after the Suspension state and indicates that there is a certain amount of time left to renew the service before it gets terminated with certainty. Still, this will require a redemption fee.
terminatedTerminated- When a service doesn't get renewed during the Expired, Suspended or Redemption stages, or when a customer decides not to use that service any more, it will become permanently terminated and will stop working. Thereforе it becomes permanently inaccessible and unusable.
Pending.errorPending error- If a service is experiencing errors in the very first of the stages. *Currently not in use.

*Automatic renewal, or auto renewal, is an option that assists users in managing their services' and products' subscription renewals. For more information, please see the bottom page of this article.

Switch Service status

With the development of AppCell, new functionalities come in use.

Now, the direct change of the Service status of a Customer Product in the Management Panel (by an Administrator) is an action completed in the system (and on the backend) by AppCell itself.

The Logic

When a switch is made to one of the three available statuses, the logic will include all scenarios possible. The action that AppCell would take would depend on the status of the Customer product, prior to the change. The Customer Product’s status indicates the state of that service:

  • pending and configure - the product is created but not yet provisioned;
  • active - the product is created, provisioned and can be used;
  • expired - the product is no longer available for use as its active period has ended;
  • inactive and suspended - the product is created, provisioned and suspended from use;
  • redemption - the product is suspended from use and requires additional fee to be reactivated;
  • terminated - the product is terminated and cannot be reactivated any more.


AppCell is to change the Service Status of a certain Customer Product to active. If that product’s current Service Status is pending or configure, AppCell will need to make the action create (due to the definition of that status), which will activate the Customer Product. If its current Service Status is inactive or suspended AppCell will need to make the action unsuspend which will on its end reactivate the product, etc.

In each case, the system takes into account the current status of the Customer Product and, according to it, takes the appropriate action to complete the initial query. In this case - activate the Product.

The logic of switching Service statuses of Customer products can be ceased by using a specific header in the http request: AppCell-Mode: save_only.


Error codes, also present, include preset errors to be used in cases where the requested switch is illogical or not possible.


A Customer product in the status terminated cannot be reactivated like that, it has to be repurchased. So the system will throw an error 422.

Changing a status

The transition between statuses can be done from certain ones to specific others only. The statuses that can be manually set for a Customer product are active, suspended and terminated.

StatusChange to
suspendedactive terminated

Errors when changing a status

Specific status transitions cannot be made, so then the system displays an error.

StatusChange toError
pendingsuspended'Could not suspend а non-provisioned product. Use save only option if you are sure what you are doing.'
configuresuspended'Could not suspend а non-provisioned product. Use save only option if you are sure what you are doing.'
terminatedsuspended'Could not suspend a terminated service. Use save only option if you are sure what you are doing.'
terminatedactive'Could not activate a terminated service. Use save only option if you are sure what you are doing.'
suspendedterminated'You can terminate only a suspended service. Use save only option if you are sure what you are doing.' This error specifies the action can actually be made, but since the terminated state is irreversible, the error appears to warn the Administrator.

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