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The Support section consist of Billia's encrypted password vault recovery and a shortcut to Billia's official Documentation.

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Password recovery

The Password recovery subsection consists of all login credentials for 3rd party user access. Passwords of Billia are hashed and non-recoverable, but 3rd party applications' (integrations) passwords are encrypted. This is done for security purposes. Nevertheless, in the case it is needed to check that login information (username and password), the functionality of Password Recovery can help with that.

preview of passwords' vault

Password Recovery list sections

ID- Displays the unique ID of that login.
Label- Displays the plugin of the login information, in this case it is CPanel.
Username- The username from the login information for one user. It is generated by using the data from the user account, such as the email address and phone number. This pattern again depends on the specific plugin.
Password- The password for the account. By default it is hidden.

Available Admin actions

Control buttonDefinitionDetail
-searchSearch- Search for login information per keyword.
view-details1 hide-detailShow/Hide- Show or hide the password for that login.
edit2Edit- Edit the login information.
-deleteDelete- Delete that login.
Alternative textAdd new- Create a new login and assign it to a user.

Create a new Password

The Admin also has the ability to create new passwords for 3rd party integrations, and assign it to a specific user.

create a new password

Create a new password sections

Label- The name of the 3rd party software/integration.
Username- The username of the login's user.
Password- The password for that user.
Owner- Results in a drop-down menu to choose the correct user. This way the new login will be attached to a user.


This subsection is a shortcut to the official Billia Help Center where you can find a user manual to the Billia Management Panel, Billia instructions and other helpful articles for the entire engine and its functionalities. It will be opened in a new window.

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